Downtown 5th Avenue South

Considered the heart and soul of the area, both Fifth Avenue South and Historic Olde Naples- just a few blocks away, are like sacred ground where Naples, FL, roots are fastened. Here all avenues lead to the sea and the beach cottages of yesteryear struggle for their preservation as the dirt, now, is likened to gold.

Perhaps you have heard the stories of Naples unspeakable wealth. It’s true. Magnificent beach and bay front estates have long replaced fishing camps of yesteryear. Architectural masterpieces are taking the place of original ranch homes with break neck speed throughout downtown Olde Naples. Always the boastful tout- “just blocks from 5th”.

It’s magic! Cast your winter shovel and accept the open invitation to frolic in your summer regalia on treasured 5th Avenue South to another enchanting art fair, exquisite cuisine, evocative theatre, as sidewalk musicians’ delight and big band music caps Sunday afternoons from Cambier Park’s outdoor pavilion one block off 5th. The Von Liebig Art Center and The Norris Center- with local artists, professional theatre, dance lessons, sports and more around the corner.

As the warm winter nights descend the celebrated Sugden neighborhood theatre on 5th doubles as your welcome courtyard where you can ponder who will win your affection: Vergina’s Italian, Yabba’s Americana, and Trulock’s Seafood within eyesight with Motown, jazz piano, and the latest dance beat spilling gently from their corridors. Fine dining, one of 5th Avenues most serious endeavors with celebrated chefs beckoning up and down the avenue. Art galleries, upscale shopping, and innovative interior design studios vie for your favor while more kindly priced places like Chico’s and Best of Everything balance the pull on your pocketbook.

This is where it all began. The founding Fathers that landed here by boat, 1885, envisioned a “Summer land in Wintertime” paradise and devoted their resources to its development. A world destination, now, steadfastly devoted to your arrival. Surely, their vision has been exceeded worthy of the award bestowed upon Naples in 2005 by travel writer, John Villani, as the number one arts town in the nation for communities with populations under 30,000.

    • 5th Avenue South
      Naples, 34102