Shy Wolf Sancturary

Like the last chance last dance for an endless stream of animals that would be long dead. Many abandoned, beaten, or no longer able to be cared for by pet owners suckered by the exotic pet industry (I will resist pontificating).

When the accreditations of zoos prohibit their inclusion and animal shelters are not equipped to cope along come the founders, Nancy and Kent Smilth and their posse of devoted rescuers and keepers of their not for profit Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

You will be moved to tears with the stories, heartened by the carefully trained team’s commitment to the animals, and maybe even reminded that there is a God and that God takes a volunteer village.

They are a non-profit refugee center wholly dependent on the public’s help. IF you know of anyone willing to sell or, miracle of miracles, donate their 20 acres of land that they desperately need for the animal’s sake please reach out! By all means, go to their website and reserve a place in one of their tours. Just seeing Nancy communicate with each animal a sight unto itself.

    • 1161 27th St SW
      Naples, 34117