Uptown at Mercato

In 2007, the finishing touches were being put on a radical new idea in Naples. A boutique commercial/ residential shopping center, named Mercato, that would feature very upscale condominiums (with multi million dollar homes to follow) over a treasure trove of new nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Anchored by Whole Foods and the state of the art movie theatre, Silverspot, to become the first center you could live in and walk to nearly everything you needed. The concept was catching fire in other areas of the country but would it succeed in Naples, FL?

The answer an exuberant- yes indeed! Today, Mercato has transformed our landscape. It quickly earned the title “Uptown”- and has become the vibrant extension of the Vanderbilt Beach area which is within walking distance to Mercato- albeit a good walk.

It’s heaven! I boast to folks that in Naples you are never too old to dance and hold up The Blue Martini at Mercato as evidence. Live music begins around 7:30PM with Naples first generous dance floor. Here you can catch the first set, dance your heart out and be home by 9PM. One night, many moons ago now, I met a customer of mine at “The Blue” to celebrate the home he had just purchased. I turned around to the dance floor and there was my 84 year old Mom dancing away. A veritable riot broke out as folks came out of the woodwork to greet her and ask HER to dance.

Just this morning I received an email promo of Mercato’s “Bark Friendly” event to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Mercato has become so popular with its plethora of ever changing fun events that parking, now, can be a challenge. Patience and persistence will secure your spot worth every moment waiting!

    • 9132 Strada Place
      Naples, 34108